Action Alert: EPA Grant & Contract Freeze

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Late yesterday, news sources reported that the President had ordered a freeze on all EPA grants and contracts.  We immediately became concerned because we have current grant funding through the Kentucky Division of Water that comes from the  EPA.

Our current and past EPA grants have helped us pinpoint water pollution problems in communities around the state.  These EPA grant funds have also allowed us to help farmers and homeowners fix failing septic systems and install agricultural best management practices that help protect local creeks from livestock.

KWA needs these funding sources to continue to help improve Kentucky’s waterways and the health of our communities, and we aren’t the only ones.  There are several other entities in Kentucky that utilize EPA grant funds and a number of academic institutions have EPA grants and contracts as well.  Even for-profit businesses, like engineering and construction firms, have EPA contracts.

Take action!  Call or write your Congressmen and state legislators.  Let them know you support EPA grant funds and contracts because the health and well-being of our communities and our environment depend on them.  Don’t delay, this is critical!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Find your Congressman DC office numbers:
  2. Find your Congressman’s Kentucky office number nearest you:
  3. Find your state legislator telephone numbers:
  4. Call each (DC and local office nearest you) and ask to leave a message:
  5. Read this Script:



I support the EPA’s mission, and ask you to please demand that the President immediately restore EPA grants and contracts.  These funding sources help improve water quality in  Kentucky communities, including helping farmers install agricultural best management practices and helping homeowners fix failing septic systems.  Businesses depend on EPA funds to implement projects and academic institutions depend upon EPA funds for research and improvement of the environmental health of our communities. Our economy and our environment depend on EPA grants and contracts. As your constituent please take my concerns to the President.


Thank you.

Thank you for helping us continue to defend Kentucky’s waterways!