Bacon Creek Watershed Work

Hey friends, great news–we have more money to do septic repair/replacement work and to do agricultural BMPs in the Bacon Creek watershed!

If you’re not familiar with the work in Bacon Creek watershed, check out our website about the past efforts.  We’ve been focusing our efforts on the Upper Bacon Creek subwatershed and several small tributaries because we know there are pollution concerns associated with sediment and bacteria in that area.

Bacon Creek watershed map with disclaimer

We have funds to do two big things to help improve the water quality in the watershed: 1) implement agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to reduce bacteria and sediment loads into Bacon Creek, and 2) conduct septic tank pump outs, repairs, and replacements in order to reduce the amount of human waste getting into Bacon Creek.  We’re doing these things because they have been proven to provide the water quality improvements needed.

Our program is set up to fund 75% of the costs for agricultural BMPs and 80% of the costs for septic work.  That means funding a substantial portion of work needed to help clean up the creek and make it healthy for fish and people.

If you know of anyone interested in either of these efforts in the Bacon Creek Watershed, please have them contact me at or call our office at 502-589-8008, or you can find more information on our website!  Help us clean the creek!