Every Drop + BCA Happenings

Hey Beargrass Creek Friends!

As many of you know,  Tessa’s last days at KWA were last week.  Her personality and wit are irreplaceable and her passion for Kentucky’s waterways is second to none.  She did great work over the years, and she will be sorely missed by all of us staff.

As of this week, I’ve changed roles from KWA’s Water Policy Director to the Watershed Program Director.  I’m very excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working with everyone currently involved in BCA work, and to trying to get more folks interested and engaged in being better stewards of the creek!

On that note, we have some good stuff happening–so get involved!

This spring, we launched Every Drop.  The goal is to collaborate with homeowners to install stormwater best management practices on their property.  We want to slow down, capture, and utilize as much rainwater as possible on site, and prevent it from running too quickly into Beargrass Creek.  The best part is that we contribute 50% of the funds needed for project costs.  If you are interested in the program, get in touch with us–fill out the application form online and we’ll be in touch.

More importantly, the Every Drop program requires volunteerism to make it successful.  We need doing what we call “stormwater audits” for each applicant, and we need help doing the actual installations.  That means helping install rain barrels, plant trees, or create rain gardens and fill them with plants.  And don’t worry if you don’t know how to do any of that–there will be others involved with any project that will help train you!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Every Drop program, please contact me, Tim@KWAlliance.org.

  • Stormwater Audit, June 17th at 11:30am
  • Rain garden and tree planting install, June 17th from 1-5pm, and June 18th from 9-12, if needed.


On June 18th, Olmsted Parks Conservancy will be hosting a Beargrass Creek cleanup from 10am-12pm at Cherokee Park.  This is a great opportunity to help clean up Cherokee Park and Beargrass Creek.  Please register online here if you are interested.

BCA Meeting

We’ll have our June meeting at the Crescent Hill Library on June 20th at 7pm.  If you’re interested in being a more integral part of the Beargrass Creek Alliance, please consider joining us!

Later this summer, we hope to get some Trash Mobs back on the schedule, so we’re looking forward to offering that again as a more informal volunteer option.

Hope to see some of you all in the near future!