Happy New Year from KWA!


At KWA we are fortunate enough to have the most wonderful donors, volunteers, partners, and friends imaginable. Together in 2016 we installed pollinator gardens, and stormwater runoff control measures all over the city of Louisville. We held stream and river cleanups across the state from Elkhorn Creek to Beargrass Creek to The Green River. We formed new partnerships and worked with those partners locally and nationally to help protect our clean water resources for our communities, for fish and wildlife, for our children and their children. We couldn’t continue our fight for clean water without your support.

Kentucky Waterways Alliance invites you to join us in our continued fight for clean water in 2017 and beyond. Please consider joining KWA today! For just $25 a year you can help us continue to defend the waterways of our beautiful state. Come out and join us for a local creek cleanup or pollinator garden install. Enroll your backyard in our Certified Backyard Habitats program. Follow us on Facebook, or Twitter to stay up to date on issues facing Kentucky’s water quality. If you are already a member, please reach out to your friends, your family, your colleagues, and let them know why clean water is important to you. 

We are entering the last few days to make your tax deductible donation for 2016, so won’t you please consider joining or making a year-end donation to KWA today!

Thank you to everyone who supported our work in 2016. Without your generous financial donations, your volunteerism, you voice as an advocate for clean water and a healthy environment, we simply could not have achieved so many of our goals in this year. We can hardly wait to see what 2017 brings!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Kentucky Waterways Alliance!