Kentucky Water Quality Standards update

Changing Standards

Kentucky waters have standards that have to be met to keep them fishable, swimmable, and safe for drinking water supply. Every three years, the Kentucky Division of Water reviews the standards and proposes updates. This is the year for this Triennial Review and you can see all the details on their Water Quality page.

Some of the proposed changes are to adopt new USEPA guidance, some would allow for combined sewer overflow communities to avoid penalties after they fully comply with their control plans, and there are several dozen new State Outstanding Resource Waters and Exceptional waters proposed to protect aquatic species.

Photo credit Robert Edwards

We Are Watching

KWA has reviewed the proposed changes and recently submitted preliminary comments to the state. You can read our comments here. We spoke in support of many of the changes and urged care in how some were implemented. KWA particularly was supportive of a transparent and open process and for the new outstanding and exceptional waters.

We will keep you informed as these changes become more defined. There will be a chance to give your comments later this summer.