Louisville Earth Walk: April 22

KWA is proud to be a partner of Louisville Earth Walk a family-friendly event to be held in Iroquois Park on Saturday, April 22, 2017. The event’s goal is to celebrate the planet and raise awareness about ways members of the community can take steps to create a more sustainable city.

The event will include a wide array of inspirational activities, including motivational speakers, music, and art that celebrate and promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles. Our plans include participation by well-known community leaders and change makers. Music and art will include poets, artists, and musicians of all ages who share their vision for conservation and sustainability.

The event will also feature activities designed to engage and educate the public on “steps they can take” to promote a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable community.

The centerpiece of the event will be a 5k walk which is a fundraiser for local organizations who are actively working to strengthen sustainability initiatives throughout the region. Proceeds will be distributed among participating 501(c)(3) organizations. Each of these organizations will be on site to interact with the public during the event.

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