We’re big on visuals and maps, and wanted to provide all our members and the public access to some of the data we track on a daily basis, as well as access to maps that show what we do and where we do it!  Check out the different categories of maps below–click on any image for a larger version!



Central Bluegrass Land Use and Streams

Central Bluegrass Land Use and Streams

Current Watershed Planning Project Locations  

Beargrass   Red River

Red Bird   Bacon


Completed Watershed Planning Projects

Darby   Dry Creek

Stockton   Hancock


Maps from Partners

KY_ThenAndNow (PDF maps by the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, showing the change from Pre-Settlement Land Cover to the Current Land Cover in Kentucky)


 Kentucky Wetlands Inventory – US Fish & Wildlife Services (Google Earth File)



Facilities within 10 miles of the Ohio River releasing more than 10K pounds of toxing into surface waters