Sign the No MORE Mercury Petition!

After the water crisis in Charleston, haven’t we learned our lesson? Clean water can’t wait! It’s time to stop discharging toxic levels of mercury into the Ohio River!

The Ohio River is the public water supply for 5 million homes. It shouldn’t be a private waste dump for big business. But for ten years now, dozens of power plants and factories have fought a requirement to cut the amount of mercury they dump into the river. Mercury — it’s so toxic that it’s not even safe to put an old glass mercury thermometer in our kids’ mouths.

Now, public officials are considering backtracking to continue to allow “hot spots” in the Ohio River, where dangerously high levels of mercury are pumped into the River.

Are you fed up with government officials who protect corporate interests more than the public health? You’re not alone! In a recent survey, 87% of Kentuckians said that our Governor should prioritize protecting water over keeping costs for business low.

That’s why Kentucky Waterways Alliance has helped form No MORE — Mercury in the Ohio River Environment. We’re teaming up with grassroots environmental and human health organizations from Pittsburgh to Paducah to let YOUR voices be heard.

Speak up today! Sign this petition to ORSANCO’s Commissioners. Send them the message that “Clean Water Can’t Wait!”

For more depth on this, read about it here.


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