Shut Down the Shutdown

With the government partial shutdown now heading into a fourth week, we want to ask you to think about the furloughed EPA inspectors for a moment. In addition to the personal and financial pressures these individuals are feeling as a result of suspended paychecks, their absence from work-world is particularly troubling from an environmental perspective. Since many of the inspectors and federal contractors who monitor compliance have been furloughed, there are fewer “enforcers” out in the field looking for and reporting inadvertent or illegal pollution. We hate to sound like negative Nellies, but if air, water and soil pollution is going unreported, that usually means it will continue unabated until it is detected and a penalty is imposed. Scary stuff.

What can you do? While the deadlock in Washington appears intractable, you can apply political pressure by speaking up. Let your senators know that the shutdown must end. Here’s a link to contact Senator McConnell. And here’s a link to contact Senator Paul. To reach members of the House of Representatives, click here to find and email your congressperson. We ask, as always, that the content and tone of your communications be civil and appropriately respectful.