Take Action! Comment to State about Fracking!


Take Action–tell Governor Beshear and the state regulators to get serious about regulating fracking!

In the past year, the Kentucky state legislature enacted new regulations for the industry, particularly geared at addressing certain aspects of hydraulic fracturing. The legislature’s actions were spurred by recommendations that were developed by a workgroup of industry representatives, regulators, and a couple environmentalists.

Now, Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet is seeking comments from the public about the future of oil and gas exploration in Kentucky. The Cabinet is especially interested in how the public feels that the state should regulate the industry, especially if they should do anything further about hydraulic fracking.  Citizens have until Friday, July 31st to comment.

Now is your opportunity.  TAKE ACTION below!

Tell Beshear and the Cabinet that Kentucky should pass a moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing until the state enacts sufficient and necessary safeguards that will protect human health, our surface and groundwater resources, and address legitimate concerns raised by other organizations and members of the public!

We’ve made it very easy for you.  The form below already has pre-set comments.  Feel free to edit them if you’d like, and fill out your information and click submit!