Take Action: Help Protect Federal Funding for Conservation!


Know the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

Conservation programs are that ounce of prevention that saves us untold millions of dollars in damages and ensures a sustainable future for farmers, communities, and our natural resources.  Yet, Congress doesn’t feel this is important.  Take Action below!

Smart conservation practices help farmers keep nutrients and sediment on the farm and out of the waterways.  Without farm-based conservation programs, nutrient loading and sediment loss into the Mississippi would be exponentially worse.

It’s clear: farmers that plant cover crops, install buffers, and take other steps to conserve and manage our shared soil and water resources are more sustainable, more profitable, and more resilient to severe weather.  And yet some members of Congress think conservation funding is a piggy bank to raid, not a critical investment to protect water quality, wildlife, and long-term food security.

The House and Senate have decided to strip funding from two conservation programs with the highest demand:  the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).*  For every successful applicant to CSP and EQIP, two farmers are turned away already due to lack of funding; yet Congress still decided to raid conservation programs and slash their funding.

This can’t stand!  The House and Senate are negotiating next year’s funding package right now, and the clock is ticking on getting the legislation done before year’s end – this is our chance to make sure the funding package doesn’t make it more difficult for farmers to do the right thing.

Will you take action by Friday, the 20th, and help us make sure Congress gets it right in the final funding bill?

Step 1: Find your legislators at govtrack.us.

Step 2: Simply dial the numbers above for your Senator(s) and Representative and leave a message like this one below with the person who answers the phone:

Hello, my name is ________ and I’d like to leave a message for my Senator’s/Representative’s agricultural appropriations staffer, please. The message is: as you negotiate the final 2016 funding package, please make NO CUTS to mandatory funding for conservation programs for farmers. These programs help farmers keep the rivers clean, and the need has never been greater. Thank you! 

Phone calls are the single most effective way to make your voice heard – and they are almost easier than sending an email! It takes just 60 seconds!  And if your Representative is Hal Rogers, it’s especially important!

Thanks for helping protect Kentucky’s waterways and wildlife habitat!

*The House bill cuts funding from both EQIP and CSP; the Senate bill cuts funding only from EQIP. With your help, we can ensure cuts to NEITHER program in the final budget!