Take Action! Comment on Ohio River Mercury Variances!

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The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) is seeking public comments on three proposed variances that will allow continued discharge of toxic levels of mercury into the Ohio River.

Over the last year, we’ve been pushing ORSANCO to uphold the mixing zone ban for bioaccumulative chemicals of concern (BCCs) such as mercury and to stop allowing variances from that ban.  The Ohio River is a critical resource for too many people, and ORSANCO should not continue to allow industry to shirk their responsibility to communities up and down the River.

Take Action to protect the River!

The three variances being considered have very few requirements for being allowed to continue polluting the River with toxic levels of mercury, and no clear repercussions for violating the variance agreement.  One of the facilities requesting a variance has already been in violation of its existing mercury requirements multiple times in the last several years.

How can we be assured that these companies will actually clean up their act and install technology to deal with the problem?  What will happen if they don’t?

Take Action!  Tell ORSANCO to protect the public’s health and the river’s health above company profits!

Just fill out the form below, modify the comments as desired, click “send” and it will send an email to ORSANCO’s email, PCS@ORSANCO.org!