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Kentucky Waterways Alliance what we do

State Map of KWA Work

Kentucky has some of the cleanest and healthiest waterways left in America. At Kentucky Waterways Alliance, it’s our job to keep it that way and to celebrate the wonderful resources we enjoy and hold in trust for future generations. Kentucky also has some waterways that fall short of being completely safe for swimming, boating, fishing, and wildlife habitat. We are working to make them better.

Our work is an investment in the future – so our children and their children can enjoy safe water to drink, family outings on the river or lake, and experience wildlife in their natural homes. It is also an investment in a healthy economy – because keeping pollution out of our waters in the first place is much cheaper than cleaning it up later.

With a mission to protect, restore, and celebrate Kentucky’s waterways, our work covers a broad range of water issues. In an attempt to simplify what we do, we have classified all of our work under the following categories:

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for any clarifications.Our work is made possible by our members, supporters and partners who are all working toward the same ultimate goal – healthy waterways and healthy communities in Kentucky.

KWA has had lots of success since we became an organization in 1993.  Read about our top 20 accomplishments in our first 20 years