Clean Water Policy


Clean Water Policy is a general term that refers to multiple areas of our work, all of which deal with making sure our streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, and wetlands are protected for the benefit of all Kentuckians.  At Kentucky Waterways Alliance, we are the clean water watchdog for the citizens of the Commonwealth.  We keep tabs on existing laws and policies to make sure they are being implemented to the fullest extent, and we also advocate for and keep tabs on proposed policy and other issues that impact clean and healthy waterways.

KWA’s work in this area can ruffle some feathers–clean water affects us all. Our central mission, though, is to protect the public’s health and protect the public’s right to clean water and healthy waterways.  Corporations, big business, industry, or the government don’t have the right to pollute our waterways and impact public health.

In this section, we invite you to explore how we use the law and policy to move towards the goal of safe, healthy, clean waterways in Kentucky. Learn about our work on the state’s mightiest rivers and smallest streams. We welcome you to join us in protecting our state’s waterways in the present and preserving them for future generations.