Mississippi River Collaborative


Since 2005, KWA has been Kentucky’s only representative in the Mississippi River Collaborative. The Collaborative is a partnership of environmental organizations and legal centers from states bordering the Mississippi River as well as regional and national groups working on issues affecting the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Specifically the Collaborative works to:

  • Reduce nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River and Northern Gulf of Mexico;
  • Increase the focus of Collaborative members on agricultural sources of nutrient pollution;
  • Protect wetlands and floodplains, and ensure impacts to these critical areas are sufficiently mitigated for
  • Ensure that the policy of #antidegradation is implemented in the water quality permitting process in each of the Basin states;
  • Build the capacity of Collaborative participants to advocate for no discharge systems; and,
  • Extend the impact of the Collaborative through improved communications with the press and the public

MRC one-pager_FINAL

MRC one-pager

Radio Interview on Gulf Dead Zone 

Mississippi River Basin and Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone 



Photo credit: thefern.org

Photo credit: thefern.org