hagerty_ryan_0In 2009, Kentucky Waterways Alliance began an exciting and groundbreaking partnership with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Kentucky Field Office to administer the Kentucky Aquatic Resource Fund (KARF). KARF provides a way for multiple agencies and partners to contribute funding and other resources to conserve Kentucky’s best places. KWA’s role in the partnership is to act as the financial steward of the fund which supports conservation projects across the state.

We’re proud to support many current projects, including propagation of fat pocketbook mussels for introduction into the Ohio River, mussel and fish surveys of the Rockcastle River watershed, partnerships for stream and wetland restoration throughout Kentucky, and other landmark watershed conservation and protection projects.

The fund exists to ensure that all ill-effects to aquatic species are adequately addressed, and that real conservation and recovery benefits are provided. In practice, that means that KARF supports voluntary land preservation agreements and has funds designated to match other grants or programs that support or match our goals.

The fund will support much needed research, surveys, and monitoring of waterways and water quality along with stream and stream/riverbank area management. The funds will also support threatened species propagation and introductions throughout the state and promote habitat restoration and enhancement through the Best Management Practices installation.

Photo Credit: Ryan Hagerty