Watershed Planning

“Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.”

– Wendell Berry

Watershed Planning is a great way to learn about local resources and improve and protect waterways.  It just makes sense to plan for something as important as our water!  Watershed-based plans are blueprints for better local water quality.  Watershed planning is successful when there is community involvement and all sorts of skills and talents – everyone can contribute in some way!

kids planting treeKWA works with groups and communities on watershed projects all over the state.  This can mean writing an actual plan or implementing Best Management Practices or organizing creek cleanups.  A typical plan includes information about area land uses and communities, scientific data on water quality, and proposed solutions to identified watershed issues.

We look to local champions to help make sustainable change.  One of the best ways for communities to take care of local waterways is to be good watershed stewards.  One of the most powerful grassroots approaches is to be active in your local watershed group.  Find out where we’re working in Kentucky and how you can get involved with your local watershed group!

The Watershed Planning Guidebook for Kentucky Communities was designed specifically to help keep our watersheds healthy and make a difference toward preserving and protecting clean water for all our communities.  Start reading and find out how you can work for your watershed!