Red Bird River Watershed

Thank you Red Bird River Watershed Community for a wonderful project! Project partners are busy planning the next stages, so stay tuned for more information.   

Read the completed Red Bird River Watershed Plan.

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The Red Bird Restoration Project’s overall purpose is to improve the ecology of Red Bird River Watershed.  An important component of this broad mission is to bring the community together to write a watershed plan – a blueprint for better water quality in the Red Bird River.  Watershed planning involves identifying water quality issues, opportunities for dealing with those issues, and developing strategies for protection and restoration of healthy conditions.

Over the course of this project, KWA will be working with the communities of Clay, Leslie, and Bell Counties and other partners to ask important questions like:

  • What impacts the quality of the water?
  • What impacts the natural resources?
  • How can we sustain natural resources and enhance economic benefits?

In order for our plan to be successful we need community participation. We’ll be holding regular meetings that will give all those interested in the future health of the Red Bird Watershed an opportunity to voice their concerns for the area.

If you are someone who lives in the Red Bird River Watershed, we need to hear from you! Contact Tim Joice at or (502) 589-8008 to find out how you can get involved.

Project Materials