Current Projects

Each of us can do our part to combat water quality problems locally.  KWA works closely with communities on their water quality issues.  We’re currently working with communities in five watersheds including:

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The Bacon Creek Watershed Council and KWA are currently implementing the watershed plan with septic system and agricultural Best Management Practices.  Meetings are held quarterly on Wednesdays at Bonnieville City Hall.

The Beargrass Creek Alliance is focused on raising awareness about stormwater pollution issues and the value of individual action to promote a better Beargrass.  The group works with neighborhoods across the watershed, spreading the word on what each of us can do.  Monthly meetings are usually the third Monday.

Darby Creek is back together!  The Darby Creek Watershed team has been awarded a Nonpoint Source Pollution grant from the KY Division of Water to revised the watershed plan written in 2010 and then to implement it.  We have recently submitted the revised plan (spring 2015) and await approval from KY Division of Water to move forward with implementation.  Read the watershed plan and get involved today!

The Harrods Creek Watershed is highly values and used by the communities it meanders through.  Although this project is in the beginning phases, it has already garnered great support, interest, and involvement from a diverse group of stakeholders.

  •  Red River (Wolfe, Menifee, and Powell Counties)

A National Wild and Scenic River, the Red River is a beloved place to Kentuckians.  KWA and the local watershed team have finished the first iteration of our watershed plan.  Project partners at the Daniel Boone National Forest have been awarded a Nonpoint Source Pollution grant to implement the watershed plan, so stay tuned!