Bacon Creek Watershed


The Bacon Creek Watershed Council and KWA now accepting applications for agricultural and septic system best management practices – apply today!

Bacon Creek Septic BMP Plan and Application

Bacon Creek Ag BMP Plan and Application

Bacon Creek Watershed Council

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The Bacon Creek Watershed Council is an award winning community group that has been working on behalf of Bacon Creek for over a decade. Bacon Creek starts in southern Larue County and eventually flows into the Nolin River over 30 river miles downstream. For most of its length, it flows through Hart County including the town of Bonnieville. Bacon Creek is part of the Upper Green River Basin.

The Bacon Creek Watershed Council sponsors creek clean-ups and celebrations that bring their community together for a great cause. They first met in April of 2001 and went on to obtain funding for the construction of a sewer line to Bonnieville. They were successful and eliminated over 100 straight pipes and failing septic systems! The Watershed Council, along with community stakeholders and partners including KWA, continue to work toward a cleaner, safer Bacon Creek.

Bacon Creek Best Management Practices Programs

As part of our ongoing efforts to make Bacon Creek clean and healthy again, we are offering cost-share programs for watershed residents to replace a failing septic system or install agricultural best management practices to reduce the amount of pollutant runoff reaching Bacon Creek. For each program, participants must complete an application, sign a maintenance agreement, and provide match. For the septic program, match must be cash. For the agricultural program, match can be cash or in-kind match (in the form of labor and/or materials provided). Participants must live in the Upper Bacon Creek, Honey Run, Middle Bacon Creek, Lower or Upper Martis Branch, or Tampa Run areas (see map below) which includes the communities of Upton, Magnolia, and Hammonville.


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Meeting Minutes

Bacon Creek Watershed Council 8.24.2016 Minutes


News from Bacon Creek September 2016

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