Bacon Creek Completed Phase

Septic System Repair and Agricultural BMPs 2012-2013

Best Management Practices implementation was a huge success – thank you Bacon Creek!  Together we pumped out 13 septic tanks, replaced 6 septic systems, and installed 9 agricultural BMPs for a cleaner and safer Bacon Creek!

KWA and the Bacon Creek Watershed Council were awarded a 319 Nonpoint Source grant in 2010 to update the existing watershed plan (see watershed plan below) and put the Best Management Practices (BMPs) it calls for into action.  This means on the ground work in the community.  The project focused on the headwaters area including the sub-watersheds Middle Bacon Creek, Upper Bacon Creek, Honey Branch, Tampa Branch, Lower Martis Branch, and Upper Martis Branch.  This project included funding for new outreach efforts on the importance of properly maintaining septic systems and agricultural practices that reduce polluted runoff.  Financial incentives for septic system maintenance and agricultural BMPs were offered.

To read more about all the great Best Management Practices implemented as part of the Bacon Creek Watershed Plan Implementation project, read the Bacon Creek BMP Summary.

Bacon Creek Completed BMP summary 2013

The Watershed Council has now begun another round of 319 Nonpoint Source funding.  Learn more here.

Watershed Plan

The following watershed plan represent an account of the most up to date information about the Bacon Creek Watershed.  These chapters were written by Kentucky Waterways Alliance, the Bacon Creek Watershed Council, and project partners and other stakeholders.  Watershed Planning is iterative and collaborative meaning this plan will be revised and updated.  It is written using the format laid out in the Watershed Planning Guidebook for Kentucky Communities, first edition.  Comments and questions about the content are welcome.

Bacon Creek Watershed Plan final draft September 30, 2013

 Funding for this project was provided in part by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Kentucky Division of Water, Nonpoint Source Section and the Kentucky Division of Conservation Kentucky Waterways Alliance as authorized by the Clean Water Act Amendments of 1987, Section 319(h) Nonpoint Source Grant #C-9994861-10.