Beargrass Creek Alliance

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The Beargrass Creek Alliance is a grassroots, action-oriented group seeking to preserve Louisville’s greatest natural resource through community involvement. Our mission is to raise awareness about Beargrass Creek and make it clean, safe, and accessible for all.

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The Stormwater/Beargrass Connection

When we say ‘stormwater,’ we just mean rain or snow melt that doesn’t seep into the ground.  In many parts of town, we have combined sewer and storm drains (known as combined sewer system or CSOs).  A big rain storm can cause sewage pipes to overflow and then combine storm drainage and wash sewage into the creek.  Pollutants like oil in the driveway or pet waste can also be washed into the storm drain or creek by stormwater.  Rain gardens, rain barrels and water conservation during and immediately after storm events are just a few ways YOU can help reduce the amount of stormwater runoff and overflow events which pollute OUR waterways.  Take the Pledge today!