Harrods Creek Watershed

HCA_Logo-PROCESS.FINHarrods Creek Alliance website: www.HarrodsCreek.org

The Harrods Creek Alliance is a community group working on behalf of the beloved Harrods Creek, which runs from Henry County, past the forests and cliffs and Great Blue Heron rookeries and turtles sunning themselves, all the way down to the Ohio River. The creek has many beautiful areas to protect and a few areas that need some work. We’re up for it all. Get involved and join us!

The project began as an effort to write a watershed plan that focused on the headwaters. You can find chapters 1 and 2 of that document on our Resource Page. See the water quality data report here.  Recently, the DOW delisted Harrods Creek for bacteria.  This made the completion of a watershed plan less critical, but it did not reduce the importance of continuing watershed stewardship efforts in the watershed.

In 2016, KWA had EcoTech Consultants conduct a Harrods Creek Health Study of the watershed.  The scope of the study included looking at existing data on the watershed, conducting new monitoring, but especially, collecting fish species for tissue analysis.  We’ll have this study available here soon.

We hope to continue our work in Harrods Creek into the future by supporting the Harrods Creek Alliance efforts and those of other groups, like Bluegrass Land Conservancy, as well as helping encourage the implementation of various watershed stewardship and conservation practices.

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