Red River Watershed

The Red River Watershed Plan has been approved!  We have hired Laura Gregory as the new Red River Watershed Coordinator,  Laura will be working with the Forest Service over the next two years on implementation efforts.  Stay tuned for more info!

The Red River and many of its tributaries flow through Wolfe, Menifee, and Powell Counties in eastern Kentucky.  Creeks like Swift Camp, Gladie, Clifty, and Indian are special places to those who call these communities home.  Even though the Red River Watershed is a beloved resource with beautiful forests, scenic streams, and diverse wildlife, the waterways are threatened by loss of streamside vegetation, runoff from towns and agriculture, and recreational misuse.

The good news is there are ways to safeguard high quality areas and restore those waters that are polluted.  To protect these waterways, KWA is participating in the Red River Gorge Watershed Protection Plan and Implementation project.  The first part of the project included creating a watershed plan.  A watershed plan is a record of what is happening in and around the waterways.  The plan helps determine the best waters for protection and areas that need improvement.

You do not need prior experience or special knowledge to participate.  All you need is a desire to learn, share your knowledge, and help out.  We hope you will join us!

Red River Team Watershed Team meeting minutes_combined 9.2011 to 11.2012

Draft Watershed Plan Chapters, as of April 2015:

TOC and Chapter 1: Getting started

Chapter 2: Exploring your watershed

Chapter 3: Monitoring to secure new data

Chapter 4: Analyzing results

Chapter 5: Finding solutions

Chapter 6: Strategy for success

Chapter 7: Making it happen and References