Watershed Guidebook

Guidebook 1st Edition Title page

The Watershed Planning Guidebook for Kentucky Communities, first edition (2010), is a wonderful resource for watershed groups across the state.  The Guidebook is the result of a KWA project with the Kentucky Division of Water and stakeholders from four community watershed groups.  These groups used the draft version of the Guidebook to write watershed plans for their local waterways.  KWA and the Kentucky Division of Water then used the groups’ experiences and feedback to revise the Guidebook.  The finished product is a Kentucky-specific Guidebook that has been field tested and approved!

It is an invaluable tool for all levels of watershed planning – from local groups just getting started with a creek clean-up to incorporated groups writing a watershed plan.  The idea is that any group, anywhere in Kentucky, can pick up the book to find answers on all things watersheds.  There is even a “Watershed Basics” section to review big concepts and explain the fundamentals.

Please read, copy, and disseminate Guidebook chapters and materials.  The hotlinks found throughout the guidebook are links to useful resources.

Watershed Planning Guidebook for Kentucky Communities:

Guidebook Introduction and Table of Contents

Watershed Basics

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

Chapter 2 – Exploring Your Watershed (part I)

Chapter 2 – Exploring Your Watershed (part II)

Chapter 3 – Learning More

Chapter 4 – Analyzing Results

Chapter 5 – Finding Solutions

Chapter 6 – Strategy for Success

Chapter 7 – Making It Happen