Guidebook Links

The links below correspond to online resources referenced in the Watershed Planning Guidebook for Kentucky Communities, first edition.

Guidebook Introduction

1. EPA Watershed Central

2. Kentucky Watershed Leadership Academy

3. Kentucky Watershed Watch

4. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

5. Commonwealth Water Education Project

6. KDOW 319 Grant Guidance

Chapter One: Getting Started

7. KDOW Nonpoint Source Program

8. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

9. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

10. KDOW Nonpoint Source Program

11. NRCS

12. Conservation Districts

13. Cooperative Extension Service

14. Area Development Districts

15. EPA Watershed Central

16. Kentucky Waterways Alliance

17. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

18. EPA’s Getting in Step

19. Kentucky Waterways Alliance

20. Sierra Club Cumberland Chapter

21. Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

22. Kentucky Resources Council

23. Northern Kentucky Water Sentinels

24. Western Kentucky Water Sentinels

25. Kentucky Water Watch

26. Watershed Watch in Kentucky

27. Kentucky Watershed Management Framework

28. Kentucky Basin Coordinators

29. Kentucky Watershed Leadership Academy

Watershed Basics

30. EPA Wetlands

31. National Wetlands Inventory

32. Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

33. Integrated Report

34. EPA RBP Habitat Assessment

Chapter 2: Exploring Your Watershed

35. Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

36. ESRI’s Conservation Program


38. Kentucky Geography Network

39. Kentucky Geography Network

40. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

41. EPA’s EnviroMapper

42. Kentucky Watershed Leadership Academy

43. EPA’s Surf Your Watershed

44. USGS Hydrology of Kentucky Viewer

45. Kentucky Watershed Viewer


47. Kentucky Geography Network

48. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

49. USGS Publications

50. Kentucky Geological Survey

51. USGS Real-time Water Data

52. Kentucky Mesonet

53. University of Kentucky Climate Data

54. National Weather Service

55. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

56. Western Kentucky University Climate Center

57. Kentucky Geography Network

58. National Wetlands Inventory

59. Kentucky Watershed Leadership Academy

60. Kentucky Geography Network

61. Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository

62. Kentucky Geography Network

63. FEMA Map Service Center

64. KDOW Floodplain Management

65. KDOW Floodplain Management

66. Kentucky Geography Network

67. Integrated Report

68. Kentucky Water Quality Support Maps

69. Kentucky Geography Network

70. Kentucky Special Use Waters

71. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

72. Kentucky TMDL

73. Kentucky Approve TMDLs

74. Kentucky Open Records Request

75. Kentucky Geography Network

76. Kentucky SOPs for Surface Water

77. Watershed Watch in Kentucky

78. Kentucky Water Watch

79. US Forest Service Contact Information

80. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Contact Information

81. USGS Water-Quality Data

82. University of Louisville Stream Institute

83. USGS Water Resources Program

84. NRCS Web Soil Survey

85. KYTC Phototechnic Lab

86. Kentucky Office of Geographic Information Systems

87. Kentucky Geologic Survey Databases, Maps, and Publications

88. Kentucky Historical Society

89. University of Louisville Historic Photo Archive

90. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Program

91. Microsoft Research Maps (MSR Maps)

92. USGS Publications

93. Kentucky Geologic Survey Information Sources

94. Kentucky Geography Network

95. NRCS

96. NRCS Web Soil Survey

97. Kentucky Geography Network

98. EPA Ecoregions of Kentucky

99. Kentucky Basin Coordinators

100. Google Maps

101. Microsoft Virtual Earth

102. Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission

103. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Contact Information

104. Kentucky Geography Network

105. Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission

106. US Forest Service Contact Information

107. Land Between the Lakes Recreational Area

108. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Management and Hunting Areas

109. Kentucky State Nature Preserves and State Natural Areas

110. University of Kentucky Invasive Species Working Group

111. Kentucky Exotic Pest Plant Council

112. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

113. KDOW Water Withdrawal Permitting

114. Kentucky Geography Network

115. Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water Resource Information System

116. Area Development Districts Water Management Planners

117. KDOW Water Supply Planning

118. KDOW Wellhead Protection

119. Kentucky Geography Network

120. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

121. EPA’s Surf Your Watershed

122. KDOW Wastewater Discharge Permits

123. EPA PCS Database Instructions

124. Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water Resource Information System

125. Kentucky Geography Network

126. KDOW Stormwater Permits

127. Area Development Districts

128. KDOW Stormwater MS4 Permits

129. Kentucky Geography Network

130. KDOW Combined Sewer Overflows

131. Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water Resource Information System

132. Kentucky Geography Network

133. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

134. Kentucky Watershed Leadership Academy

135. Area Development Districts

136. Kentucky Watershed Viewer

137. Kentucky Department of Revenue Directory of PVAs

138. Kentucky PVA Association

139. Kentucky Geography Network

140. Kentucky Geography Network

141. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District

142. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District

143. KDOW Water Quality Certification

144. KDOW Water Quality Certification

145. Kentucky Geography Network

146. Kentucky DNR Surface Mining Data

147. Kentucky Division of Mine Reclaimation and Enforcement Non-coal Review Branch

148. Kentucky State Data Center

149. Kentucky Geography Network

150. EPA Watershed Survey Methods

151. KWA Windshield Survey for Rural Watersheds

152. NRCS Stream Visual Assessment Protocol

153. Center for Watershed Protection Field Assessments

154. Commonwealth Water Education Project

Chapter 3: Learning More

155. Kentucky NPS Application Instructions (refer to meeting QA requirements)


157. EPA RBP Habitat Assessment

158. Kentucky Water Watch

159. Watershed Watch in Kentucky

Chapter 4: Analyzing Results

160. USGS Hydrology of Kentucky Viewer

161. USGS Hydrology of Kentucky Viewer

Chapter 5: Finding  Solutions

162. EPA NPS Publications and Resources

163. KDOW Nonpoint Source Program

164. International Stormwater BMP Database

165. Bowling Green Stormwater BMP Manual

166. SD1 Stormwater Management Handbook

167. Lexington Stormwater BMP Manual

168. EPA Stormwater BMP Menu

169. EPA Green Infrastructure

170. University of Louisville Wet Growth Handbook

171. NRCS National Handbook of Conservation Practices

172. Kentucky Department of Agriculture BMPs

173. Kentucky Division of Conservation Agriculture Water Quality Act

174. KDOW Stormwater Permits

175. KDOW Stormwater Permits

176. The Kentucky Forest Landowner’s Handbook

177. EPA’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual

178. KOWA’s Homeowners Guide

179. National Onsite Demonstration Program

180. EPA Onsite Handbook

181. Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water Resources Information System

182. Area Development Districts Water Management Planners

183. KDOW Wellhead Protection

184. KDOW Groundwater Protection Plans

185. Kentucky Division of Conservation Agriculture Water Quality Act

186. Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan Guidance

187. KDOW Floodplain Management

188. Area Development Districts

189. Kentucky Infrastructure Authority WRIS Portal

190. KDOW Wastewater Discharge Permits

191. KDOW CAFO and AFO Permits

192. KDOW Stormwater MS4 Permits

193. KDOW Stormwater Permits

194. KDOW Combined Sewer Overflows

195. EPA’s Getting in Step

196. EPA NPS Outreach Toolbox

Chapter 6: Strategy for Sucess

197. NRCS Conservation Programs

198. KDOW 319 Grant Guidance

199. Kentucky EXCEL Program

200. KYTC Division of Environmental Analysis

201. KDOW Watershed Funding

202. EPA Watershed Funding

Chapter 7: Making It Happen

203. EPA’s Getting in Step

204. EPA NPS Outreach Toolbox

205. Survey Monkey

206. Kentucky Waterways Alliance

207. River Network


208. EPA Clean Water Act Section 319

209. EPA’s Getting in Step

210. Conservation Technology Information Center

211. River Network

212. EPA NPS Pollution Capacity Building Resources

213. The Social Sciences Team of the NRCS Publication