Who We Are

KWA Celebrates 20 years logoSince 1993, Kentucky Waterways Alliance has been a leader in the fight against pollution in our waterways – winning stronger protections for over 90 percent of Kentucky’s rivers, lakes and streams. We work with communities on local watershed issues at the state and national levels advocating for the best regulations possible. With a mission to protect and restore Kentucky’s waterways, our work is making a difference in the quality of life for all Kentuckians one protected stream at a time.

Our mission is accomplished through four strategic goals:

  • Identify key places for protection on a local watershed level.
  • Carry out a statewide movement to protect Kentucky’s waterways through grassroots activism and large-scale awareness.
  • Work on behalf of communities and the promises laid out in the Clean Water Act by influencing public policy.
  • Build a strong and sustainable water network by promoting and supporting local watershed groups.

Our work is made possible by our members, supporters and partners who are all working toward the same ultimate goal – healthy waterways and healthy communities in Kentucky.