Message from the Director

Dear Friends and Members:

Becoming the Executive Director of Kentucky Waterways Alliance in 2017 was my best career move ever. I have been a member of KWA since the beginning and was on the board as Vice President for six years. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with water and nature. I remember playing in the creek as a boy and I’m still messing around in boats and hiking when I get the chance.

It has been humbling to try to fill the shoes of my predecessor and friend Judy Petersen. She was KWA’s Executive Director for 20 years and made this organization what it is. I am also fortunate to have the support of the KWA Board  – an amazing group of dedicated volunteers that truly care about Kentucky waterways.

Please let me know what you think about KWA – what we are doing well, what we need to more, and how you would like to get involved. I am just one part of a great team​ and we all need to pull together. The need is there and it’s serious, but we can have fun along the way.

​With warm regards,

Ward Wilson

Executive Director