Message from the Director

Dear Friends and Members:

I am excited to be the new Executive Director of Kentucky Waterways Alliance. Some of you know me because I’ve been on the board and have been a long-time member. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with water and nature. I remember playing in the creek as a boy and I’m still messing around in boats and hiking when I get the chance. I studied wildlife biology and found a career in environmental engineering specializing in water resources. Now here I am at the best place to protect, restore, and celebrate my home state’s waterways and watersheds.

My first task is to thank my predecessor and friend Judy Petersen for her 20 years of service to KWA. She has done so much to protect and restore the rivers, lakes, and streams in our state and the region. She makes it look easy because she is having fun doing it. Judy has left the organization in great shape – funding is solid, the staff are awesome, we have an engaged and active board of directors, and of course our members are fantastic as well. Look for notices soon for one or more events where we can get together to thank Judy for her work and friendship

The Board recently put the final touches on a new Strategic Plan effective 2017 through 2020. We started by listening to our members, stakeholders, funders, and staff about what we are doing well, where we can improve, and which current and future needs we should be addressing. We challenged ourselves to do more for Kentucky waterways, and it is my road map (or better – river chart) for guiding the KWA ship.

​I am eager to hear from all of you about opportunities for KWA to be more effective and how you would like to get involved. I am just one part of a great team​ and we all need to pull together. The need is there and it’s serious, but we can have fun along the way, as Judy showed us.

​With warm regards,

Ward Wilson

Executive Director