Help Guide KWA’s Direction

KWA is growing and we need your help!  Please select the tab below that represents how you want to become involved:

For the Times They Are a Changin’

A message from Executive Director Judy Petersen & Board President Gordon Garner

KWA turns 21 this month and, as the Bob Dylan song goes, the Times They Are a Changin’. Our current Strategic Plan is due for revisions, and we’re excited about finding ways to make our growing organization even more effective. Don’t worry – KWA will continue to be your advocate for clean water in Kentucky, we’ll just be doing it in an even bigger and better way!

One exciting aspect to this change is happening with our Governing Council (the Board). As with any growing organization, the Board is becoming more of a governing body that provides oversight and strategic visioning. At the same time, we’re expanding the opportunities for our members to get involved. We’re working right now to recruit new trustees and advisors to help guide our organization into the future. We will adapt KWA into an organization that will continue to be the strongest voice in Kentucky on water issues.

That’s where you come in! You can join one of our new committees as an advisor or trustee and provide your perspective on the issues and future of KWA.

What do you see as some of the biggest threats or needs for our waterways in the future? Since we will engage in Strategic Planning early in 2015, we want to hear from you now! If you would like to offer your time and talents to one of our committees, please go fill out the appropriate form.

In addition to new board committees, there will be committees for providing input to staff on programmatic work. Our Water Policy Director is looking for members with some expertise and time to join his new Waterways Protection Council now!


Shared Roles of Leadership

This is your opportunity to:

  • Guide KWA’s mission and purpose
  • Engage with the water quality protection and restoration community, legislators, community leaders and peers
  • Raise awareness of water quality issues and successes in the Commonwealth
  • Foster new watershed groups throughout Kentucky
  • Connect with National Wildlife Federation and other  organizations
  • Help us begin a transition to a new structure in 2015!