Governing Committees

List of committees that support the KWA Board of Directors.

  • Board Development Committee – responsible for evaluating the Board strengths/needs, recruiting new Board members that meet our needs, and evaluating applications and nominations. We also assist the Committees by identifying potential members or trustees.
  • Resource Development Committee – responsible for fundraising plan, special events, and capital campaigns.
  • Strategic Visioning Committee  – responsible for planning the next update to strategic plan and overseeing the implementation fo strategic plan.
  • Finance and Audit Committee – responsible for financial accountability, budgeting process, property management, investments and financial audits.
  • Marketing/Public Relations Committee – responsible for marketing research, marketing plan, public relations plan, and public relations tools an materials.   

Who may serve on committees?

  • Governing committees include board members and other non-board volunteers focused on governing functions. The board chair is an ex-officio member of all committees and is free to attend meetings (but is not obligated).
  • Management committees (Program work with staff)  include paid and unpaid staff (program volunteers) focused on program functions. The executive director is ex-officio member of all management committees and is free to attend (but is not obligated).

Upon filling out and submitting the form below, a KWA board member will contact the candidate to determine how their unique skill set can best be utilized.

Prospective Board or Committee Member Interest Form

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