Sixth Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival

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The crowd at the 2013 Wild & Scenic Film Festival's opening reception
The crowd at the 2013 Wild & Scenic Film Festival’s opening reception

Mark your calendar…Louisville’s sixth annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival will be on March 15, 2014 at the Clifton Center.  This exciting event combines education and activism with a whole lot of FUN!

Don’t forget that members get free entrance to the VIP reception before the event, with appetizers, drinks, and a chance to mix & mingle with other members, KWA staff, and member organizations!

shutterstock_112138649Wild & Scenic® Film Festival returns with another incredible selection of films to change your world.  Along with our usual line-up of beautiful, engaging and eye-opening films, we have a particular theme this year, “emPOWERment.”  We will look at the topic of energy… where it comes from (the good and the not-so-good), what it takes to maintain our current system, the cost it is having on our environment, some new ways of harnessing energy that are sustainable, as well as a recognition of a few of the “change makers” who are creating a more livable future.  Of course, “emPOWERment” in an activist context also refers to the human spirit of positivity and inspiration which the film festival experience at its best imbues and promotes.

Considered one of the nation’s premiere environmental and adventure film festivals, this year’s films combine stellar filmmaking, beautiful cinematography and first-rate storytelling to inform, inspire and ignite solutions and possibilities to restore the earth and human communities while creating a positive future for the next generation.

This year’s selections will not only take audiences to some of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet, but introduce them to the magnificent animals that inhabit these places and the courageous individuals who are working to protect and preserve both for future generations.  The films instill a deep appreciation and a sense of wonder for the natural world that surrounds and supports us.

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